My Essential Oil Journey…. oily goodness!


I’m often asked about essential oils and “what do you do with them?” and “do they really work?”…. so I thought I’d share a bit of my oil journey with you, and some of my current faves!

LEGAL CAVEAT: The statements below are my own opinions and experience, and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure in any way, as I am not a medical doctor and cannot diagnose you or prescribe medications for you legally. I am simply happy with my personal use of Essential Oils, and am happy to share my experiences and those of my family with you. Consult your doctor before taking any action with your health and medications.

Let me begin by saying: I am not a pill popper. I have had anaphylaxis to Penicillin and it’s derivatives since I was 16, and most alternatives that I can take are so harsh on my stomach that often “the cure” seems as bad as the illness!  Fast forward to my married years: 8 years of continuous pregnancy, nursing, or pregnancy AND nursing of my 4 lovely, close-together littles means that there wasn’t much opportunity for meds other than the odd Tylenol and chewable Vitamin C’s. LOL I have had to learn to “tough it out” with no meds for many moons now.

My foray into oils began when I was searching for a way to cleanse my liver in early 2013. I was diagnosed with iron anemia at age 18, and have been on iron pills ever since. Now, imagine what 20 years of iron pills does to your liver. Yup. Wasn’t really absorbing much any more and was feeling the zombie-like effects. So, I started a liver cleanse that I bought off the shelf in a health food store. During that time, I happened to notice that a toenail of mine was looking a bit funky… wasn’t sure if it was fungus or damage, or what… so I went to the doctor. He diagnosed fungus, and prescribed meds that “might help”, were $130 for the treatment, and would have a negative effect on my liver. Hola?!! Wowzers! Unfortunately I didn’t realize the cost of them until the prescription was filled…. I went home, disgusted and concerned… and never did use the $$$ pills! Didn’t want to throw off my liver cleanse, anyhow. 😉

This began my search for something that was helpful, NOT harmful, to my body as a support to my immune system. My friend Christa at The Living Room Health Studio introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils, right about the time that I and my four kids were battered with illness after illness: chicken pox (even for me!), shingles for me, cold after flu after cold for our entire family, and numerous bad asthma attacks for my youngest. What a crazy, sick winter 2013 was! Blah!


Here’s me and my lovely pox in March 2013 – first time ever having them – age 37. I refused to let hubby take pix of the worst day when I was particularly oozy – that was Day 3. Not. Fun. Shingles followed. Also not fun. Lavender EO helped heal my skin amazingly well!

First we started with Thieves Essential oil blend. Thieves has an interesting story, and it can be a great help in supporting your immune system. Peppermint oil was not far behind… we slathered that stuff on till we were a bunch of peppermint patties! It really helped with the coughs that the kids seemed to constantly be catching, and after having to hospitalize my youngest kidlet for an out-of-control asthma attack that could not be managed by puffer, we figured out that Peppermint could help his asthma, too. Bonus! – because his puffer soon became ineffective, unfortunately!   Lavender was great in helping to heal my skin after chicken pox. As you can see from the picture above, it was BAD. I had them in my mouth and my hair and all kinds of unmentionable places. Jeepers.

Summer came, and with it came 5 AM sunrise and 11 PM sunset – with four kids who rise and set with the sun and were getting more tired and cranky by the day! I eventually tried out my lavender from my Everyday Essentials kit that I had purchased, and with daily use I was able to buy 2-3 hours of sleep from each of the kids last summer. Needless to say, we don’t go with out it now, even in winter.

Did we love the oils when we started? I have to be honest: no. The kids hated the smell – it was too unfamiliar, and kids are all about habit and familiarity. Heck, even adults are! The oils don’t STINK, they’re just unusual to the uninitiated. Thieves was the easiest to love, because it is based on cinnamon and cloves, and who doesn’t love smelling like a cookie? lol  What I found generally, though, is using EO’s on the kids feet (ie. away from their nose!) got them the same benefit without having it in their faces… and after a few weeks, they actually started to like the scents as their bodies adjusted. Now they actually request them, and we put them on morning and night.

Our own “proof in the pudding”:

– Colds have a 3-day incubation period. Every September, my 4 kids start back to school on Wednesday. Guess what? By Friday night, the entire family is sick, from bringing home a new set of germs from school that they haven’t been exposed to in months. This fall (2013), I had begun to religiously apply Thieves Essential Oil morning and night to the kids’ feet or wrists… and this is the first year that we have not been sick in the first week back to school. Any illnesses the kids have had, they have recovered from very quickly – like 24-48 hours – even colds! I am impressed. 🙂

– I typically get migraines at least once per month sometimes more. Not sure what triggers them, they seem pretty random. Last (sick-o) winter, when I was dowsing the kids in Peppermint oil (lather, rinse, repeat!), I failed to notice that I was not getting migraines anymore. Come spring, no more colds, and – boom! Migraine hits. What the…?? Then when I reached for my Peppermint, I realized that I had not used it in at least a month or more. (Good old faithful… how could I neglect you?) It was having a positive effect on me while I was applying it to the kids, and I wasn’t even appreciating it at the time. I sure do now. No more Advil Liqui-gels for this girl.

– Remember my anemia? Well, I happen to enjoy the flavour of Grapefruit EO in water, and drink that almost every day. It is a natural detox-er. (Remember “The Grapefruit Diet”? They had a point, but unfortunately you had to eat, like, 10 lbs of grapefruit every day! lol). Since drinking a drop or two of Grapefruit, I find that I am not so desperately missing my iron if I happen to skip it. In the past, within 24 hours of missing my iron pills, I am a zombie and cannot function. Must. Have. Iron.  Not so, now. Though I do take iron still… I just feel like I am absorbing it better. Call me crazy… you might just be right. 😉

– Have burnt myself pretty badly, and within 48 hours have had no scar after using Lavender EO. Also, that mindless pick-pick-picking that I occasionally do to those poor zits while I’m busy thinking… you know, the ones that bleed like crazy? Lavender. That is all. Stops the bleed in its tracks, and helps heal it too. Slip and fall on the edge of a railway tie in the driveway and horribly bruise my butt? Yup. Lavender works there, too. We have really found Lavender to be a first-aid kit-helper.

I could go on and on, but this has been a long post. More specific oil info next time!  Feel free to ask questions in the comments below and I will do my best to get back to you. I am full of stories of oily goodness from our family, and would love to share my experiences with you!

I am a wholesale member of Young Living Essential oils, and became one strictly because I was using so much of them and having so much health success that it made sense for me to do this for my family. I am able to distribute them to you through my website. If you would like to try oils, order through my website, or msg me here in the comments and we can chat more about it!

AGAIN: The statements above are my own opinions and experience, and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure in any way, as I am not a medical doctor and cannot diagnose you or prescribe medications for you legally. I am simply happy with my personal use of Essential Oils, and am happy to share my experiences and those of my family with you. Consult your doctor before taking any action with your health and medications.